Choose a suitable domain name

A domain name is one of the most basic and important parts of a website. To help search engines better identify the theme of your website, it is recommended to choose a domain name that is highly relevant to the target keywords, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

Plan the site structure properly

For SEO clusters, each sub-site should have a clear and explicit theme, while also forming connections with other sub-sites. When planning the site structure, avoid issues such as dead links and duplicate content.

Optimize website content

High-quality content is key to attracting users and improving rankings. Each sub-site should have unique and valuable content, and avoid issues such as copy-pasting or machine translations. Also, regularly update content to ensure website activity.

Establish internal links

Internal links refer to links between different sub-sites within the same site cluster. By establishing internal links, the weight and ranking of the entire site cluster can be improved. However, be cautious of excessive linking and unreasonable anchor text.

Acquiring external links