Shop Promotion

1. Bundle Sales: Hot-selling products in the store can be bundled with overstocked products for sale. For example, buying a certain amount of hot-selling product A will come with overstocked product B for free, thereby increasing sales and clearing inventory.

2. Free Giveaways: Set a minimum purchase amount for a product to receive overstocked product B as a gift, using free giveaways to attract consumers.

Make up for Each Other's Shortcomings

Search for related product keywords, find the store with the highest sales, and try to exchange resources with them. Buy from them at a lower price to achieve inventory clearance and resource exchange, ensuring mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Social Media

Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter to find influencers or bloggers with a similar product style for promotion, increasing product exposure and conversion rate, ensuring a balance between costs and benefits.

Independent Website

Utilize an independent website as a method to solve inventory backlog, can be used as an Amazon brand registration website. Redirect to third-party platform purchase links on the independent site, share the pressure, and solve listing problems. Long-term operation of an independent website, build a brand, will bring unexpected profits to sellers, rather than just solving inventory issues.