Penggunaan Dokumen

The following process is suitable for production environment installation, which requires less resources.A 1 core 1 GB memory server is sufficient.If you want to install and use in docker or k8s, please refer to the "Docker Installation Process Description".If you want to experience using it on Windows, please refer to the "Windows Installation and Usage Process".Bee Hole AI E-commerce System Usage Conditions (If you have not installed the following components, please refer to: "Basic Components Installation Tutorial"):1. Server requirements: At least 1 core 1 GB memory cloud server, if not, you can apply for it for free by clicking here.2. System requirements: Linux system, Windows system. It is recommended to use Linux system.

3. Install mysql 5.6 or mariadb 10 and above versions.4. Install redis 5.0 and above versions.5. Install nodejs v16.x.

6. Install yarn.After preparing the above conditions, log in to the server to install according to the following process:
1. Download the installation package:
curl -O
2. Unzip the zip package:
3. Enter the directory after unzipping to install the dependencies:

yarn install

4. Execute the installation command:

yarn start

5. You will be prompted to enter the email to receive the verification code, enter the email and press enter.


3. enter dir

yarn install

4. run 

yarn start

5. check email verfify code and input the code and enter

6. Check the email inbox to get the verification code, enter the numeric verification code and press enter

7. Prompt for the input of mysql host, port, user, and password

8. Prompt for the input of redis host, port, and password

9. Prompt for 'enjoy!' to indicate completion of installation. At this time, the backend URL, admin account and password, and frontend address will be displayed

At this point, if you can access the server internally, you should be able to see the admin interface and the storefront interface

If you want to publish externally, you also need to configure Nginx and domain name, as well as manage the server startup with the supervisor service

1. Install Nginx, the following instructions are based on the Debian system

apt-get install -y nginx

2. Execute the following command in the install-npm directory to configure Nginx

yarn run config:nginx

3. Now Nginx is successfully started, you can access the website through the domain name you set. Please make sure your domain name * points to your server before accessing

4. Install supervisor

apt-get install -y supervisor

5. Configure supervisor and start

yarn run config:supervisor
supervisorctl status

Other instructions:

1. Other startup and configuration commands, please refer to the 'scripts' section in the package.json file.

2. This system will be continuously upgraded to add features and fix bugs. If you encounter any issues, please prioritize using the following command to upgrade (please backup the database before upgrading). If the issue persists after the upgrade, please contact us.

yarn run upgrade

If you need to experience how to use it on Windows, please follow the steps below (this process includes the installation of MySQL and Redis services. Please do not use this method to deploy in a production environment):

Windows Experience Process

If you need to use Docker to install and use it on Linux, please follow the steps below (this process includes the installation of MySQL and Redis services):

Linux system (with MySQL+Redis) Docker deployment process

Server requirements: 4-core CPU, 8GB RAM or above.

If you encounter any issues during installation and usage,please click here to contact us.

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