deal station promotion is a very popular promotion model chosen by many cross-border e-commerce sellers, with fast volume increase, good effects, and highly sought after by sellers on Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. However, for sellers with independent stations, deal stations are not so friendly, not only is it difficult to post, but there seems to be a bit of targeted meaning in it as well.

Dealnews is the largest blog-type deal site in the United States. Different from community-type deal sites, blog-type deal sites can only have posts made by editors, and users cannot post on their own. It has a monthly visit volume of around 5 million, with 94% of visitors coming from the United States, and the users are very precise. The popular outbound traffic is mainly from Amazon and eBay. Independent stations can directly have posts made by editors, avoiding situations where posts made by users are detected and deleted by the official. Dealnews provides three ways for independent station sellers to post, including contacting the official editors to post, appearing in the homepage scrolling bar, and longer retention forms.