Advantages and Opportunities for Independent Websites

Advantages of Independent Websites

Independent websites are official websites with sales functions built by brand merchants. Compared to platform e-commerce, independent websites have the following advantages:

  1. Avoiding Regulation Constraints:High autonomy, not restricted by platform rules, can operate flexibly and increase product pricing space.
  2. Reducing Costs:Low transaction commission costs, reducing the transaction commissions paid to third-party platforms, and relatively low payment service fees.
  3. Brand Deposition:Customer data is entirely retained, allowing for secondary and multiple marketing.

Development Opportunities of Independent Websites

By conducting data research and visiting some mature independent website sellers, the possible development directions of independent websites in 2020 were summarized:

  1. Novel Business Models:Focus on innovative business models.
  2. Vertical Category Transformation:Focus on specific categories in a particular field.
  3. Small Wholesale Repurchase Model:Transform traditional wholesale into online repurchase model.
  4. Customized Differentiation from Platform Models:Adopt customized business models to differentiate from platforms.

Ways to Drive Traffic for Independent Websites

Independent sites lack traffic and need to be promoted through paid advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Combining Shopify and Facebook is considered an excellent model for independent sites, which can compensate for insufficient traffic.

Development Trends of Independent Sites

For most independent sites, the trend tends to move towards differentiated platforms, making it relatively easy to start, and can accomplish tasks that the platform cannot. Independent sites have different business model development opportunities in different fields.

Preparation of Materials and Notes

Creating an independent site requires thorough preparation of materials and notes. If you have any questions or need consultation, you can send a private message to obtain more detailed answers and assistance.