Bee Hole®Cross-border Import and Export System

Not SaaS Model, Truly Deployed on Your Own Server
Fully Control Data, No Longer Worry About Account Suspension

Built-in Artificial Intelligence, AI Operation Assistant Helps You Quickly Expand Overseas


Bee Hole®Which Enterprises Are Suitable for Using?

Foreign Trade Factories

Traditional Enterprises

Overseas Supply Chain

Global Sellers

DTC Brands


Bee Hole®What Can It Do for You?

Bee Hole®It is a new generation of global-oriented AI cross-border e-commerce system, can be used asEnterprise Export Official WebsiteAlso Can Be Used AsCross-border Export Independent Station System, Can Also Be Used toManage Overseas Supply Chain, Distributors, Etc.


Bee Hole®Can help you buildOverseas Independent Station System

Successfully Helping 1000+ Traditional Domestic Trade Enterprises Successfully Expand Overseas, Increase Business Profits!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildAIIntelligentOverseas multilingual official website

Help traditional official website transform into AI intelligent multilingual official website, targeting global sales!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildContent station group system

Can help build multilingual foreign trade station group, intelligent collection tools, reduce manpower cost!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildDrop shipping system

Support one-click delivery on multiple platforms, with source of goods can be settled, without source of goods can be purchased!


Bee Hole®Can help you one-clickPost products to multiple platforms

Provide one-stop solution from product selection, posting, purchasing to delivery!


Bee Hole®Can help youManage multi-platform order delivery

Help sellers manage orders from multiple platforms, improve ordering efficiency, safe, stable, reliable!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildSupply chain level management system

Essential system for supply chain companies, one-click solution to product management, shipment management and other challenges!




Bee Hole®Can help you buildCompliant import cross-border e-commerce system

Help merchants build a complete, legal and compliant cross-border e-commerce service system!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildE-commerce platform system

Enterprises wishing to operate in the style of Taobao, platforms can directly choose the market model for easy management of your stores or merchants!


Bee Hole®Can help you buildSupporting multi-merchant system for distribution fission

Platform-level expansion of merchants relies on one-click distribution gameplay, generating exclusive invitation codes, rapidly expanding customer base!


How to attract traffic to TikTok's independent station

By attracting hundreds of millions of active users on TikTok to the private independent platform to build your own business empire!

Profile page

Add independent station link to your TikTok profile page for users to click and visit the independent station

Video descriptions and comments

Mention your independent station in the descriptions of your posted videos and encourage viewers to visit the independent station

Guidance within video content

In your TikTok videos, attract viewers to your independent station through creative techniques and content. Browse products or services on the independent station.

Word-of-mouth transmission

If your independent station provides valuable content or products, your audience may actively share it with others.

By consistently providing high-quality content, you can increase user word-of-mouth for the independent station, prompting more users to visit the independent station.





How to attract traffic to TikTok's independent station through Facebook

Utilize Facebook's powerful marketing tools to attract more traffic and potential customers to your TikTok independent website


Social sharing

Add a Hive independent station link to Facebook profiles, pages, or groups to increase the exposure of the independent station

Facebook Ads

Use the Facebook advertising platform to guide potential users to visit the Hive independent stationIndependent station.

Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page to showcase the products or services of the Hive independent stationIndependent Station.

Community Interaction

Utilize Facebook community interaction features to establish close connections with potential users by replying to user messages, comments, or private messages and drive traffic toHive independent station.

Facebook Events

Organize online or offline events related toHive independent station, publish event information, invite participants, share event photos, and promote the independent station.



One-click fast deployment of e-commerce system, owning all data

Compared to the traditional Saas model, you cannot control the data by yourself and may face the risk of store closure. Choosing to deploy on your own server will be more secure and reliable

Have full control, no longer worry about store closure

Ensure data security, stable operation, and flexible expansion

Just one line of code to quickly complete system deployment

You can have an AI e-commerce system that supports multiple languages with just one line of code

Supported Systems:

linux: centos, redhat, debian, alpine, etc.

windows: win7, win8, win10, win11, etc.

Supported deployment methods:

npm: nodejs >= v16.x

docker, k8s

Maintain only one set of language data, AI automatically translates into multiple languages

No need for professional translators, AI translation quality is high, helping you quickly expand the global market

Fast translation speed

More than n times more efficient than manual translation, saving time

Multiple translation languages

Support translation into any language in the world, even obscure languages can be translated

For example, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Thai, etc.

High translation quality

AI translation results are fluent and more in line with local language usage habits

Low translation cost

No need to hire professional translators, almost free

Integrated with Google, Bing, Baidu, automatic SEO, quickly indexed to get free traffic

Through Google and Bing SEO optimization, continuously improve the indexing and ranking of your website, thus generating the highest traffic and revenue

Fast indexing

Automatically submit to search engines, so that consumers worldwide can find your website

Full web exposure

By optimizing AI intelligent SEO, your products gain higher exposure across the entire network, reaching more potential customers

Accurate drainage

Precise keywords bring precise traffic, bringing you effective inquiries and saving marketing costs

Build brand

The website brand is quickly indexed by search engines, generating value and impression worldwide


Quickly tap into the global market, comprehensively solving cross-border e-commerce needs

• Independently deploy to your server, control data independently
• One-stop logistics docking service, efficient and secure delivery to various regions around the world
• Global promotion, docking with mainstream social media platforms, covering global users
• Online AI intelligent translation, rapidly expanding into multilingual markets
• Omni-channel collection, docking with mainstream payment channels, secure and reliable
• Real-time AI intelligent marketing, providing efficient operation solutions

Powerful features, lowest cost support your global business

• One-click deployment, supports Windows, Linux systems
• Low-cost server can run efficiently, 1 core 1GB memory is sufficient for operation
• One-click data migration, supports Shopify, Amazon, and others
• Full API openness, supports self-API integration with other systems
• Support multiple payment methods such as WeChat, PayPal, etc.
• Maintain one set of data to quickly build a network of sites
• Support multiple domain binding and SEO optimization
• Support multi-position and multi-permission management for large enterprises
• Support the integration of e-commerce and official website models
• Support multi-merchant and multi-store models
• Support automatic currency conversion for easy collection of global currencies
• Support various marketing functions such as discounts, giveaways, free shipping, and membership


Comparison of website construction costs on various platforms

Platform Name Price
Shopify $399 USD/month
Shopline ¥1680 RMB/month
Amazon $39.9 USD/month
Alibaba International Station ¥29800 RMB/year
Ozon Transaction turnover commission 8%-15%
Shopee Commission of 6%-10%, transaction fee of 2%
eBay $15.95-$290 USD/month
Temu Platform service fee 5%-10%
Bee Hole $0

Using the Fendong independent site only requires purchasing a server for $5, with zero commission, zero monthly rent, and zero service fee!



Take immediate action to deploy your own AI independent e-commerce system