Platform or Independent Site? How to Choose the Right E-commerce Channel for You?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Platform

The platform has high traffic and conversion rates. For example, Amazon has a monthly user base of up to 183 million, with high purchasing intentions and conversion rates. In addition, major platforms such as eBay and Amazon, with their reputation and popularity, can earn user trust. Moreover, the entry threshold for platforms is low, and there are successful cases to learn from.

However, the platform faces serious problems of homogenization, leading to intense price competition and an increase in the number of homogenized products. The platform also has various rules and restrictions, posing uncontrollable risks to sellers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Independent Website

Independent websites can build brands and capture private traffic. Through independent website construction and operation, brands can be flexibly shaped, avoiding users forgetting about the store and brand. At the same time, user information can be accumulated for precise marketing. Avoid platform rule restrictions and reduce the cost of violating regulations.

However, independent websites have technical barriers that require familiarity with graphic design, creativity, advertising, supply chain, and other work. Meanwhile, independent websites need to address traffic acquisition issues and find external sources of traffic after leaving platform traffic.

How to choose the e-commerce channel that suits you?

According to the advantages and disadvantages of platforms and independent sites, it can be analyzed that third-party platforms are suitable for novice cross-border sellers, while independent sites are suitable for experienced and large-scale sellers. Some sellers choose to do both, selling on platforms while developing independent sites for traffic. Regardless of the method chosen, the most important thing is to understand the respective advantages and disadvantages, and clarify the development direction of your own store.