Analysis of Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO may sound intimidating, but it is not actually complicated. It is a form of conventional SEO, also known as White Hat SEO.

Definition of Black Hat SEO

The operation method of Black Hat SEO may seem unfamiliar or even repugnant to those who are new to SEO or have been engaged in White Hat SEO. Despite the various risks, many people are willing to take the risk of doing Black Hat SEO because it can quickly gain rankings and traffic, thereby generating profits. Furthermore, with the emergence of new Black Hat SEO techniques, search engines such as Google and Baidu may take some time to discover them, resulting in a lag in penalties, objectively creating a space for the survival of Black Hat SEO.

Common Black Hat SEO operation methods

Method One: Blacklink scanning + hanging link

This method involves scanning FTP or server weak passwords, vulnerabilities, and then hacking the website to insert links. This approach is illegal, and these SEOers are also despised. There are many people in China who adopt this method. These behaviors can be detected with the help of the SeoQuake plugin.

Method Two: Direct purchase of permanent soft articles on high-weight websites such as friend links, single links, and portal stations

With the continuous update of Baidu's algorithm, this method has basically become ineffective. And the cost is quite high.

Method three: build a group of websites, set up SEO chain wheels

SEO chain wheels refer to the establishment of a large number of independent websites on the Internet or setting up blogs on major portal websites. These independent websites or blogs are closely linked in a planned and strategic manner to the target website to improve the ranking of the target website in search engine results.

However, in the process of operating SEO chain wheels, a large number of link mechanisms are often added. These link mechanisms refer to a network system consisting of a large number of web page cross-links. Once the cheating methods are discovered by search engines, they will face the risk of being penalized or deindexed. Therefore, in the daily optimization process, whether intentionally or unintentionally, everyone should pay attention to whether they have violated these cheating behaviors.