Site Grouping Strategy and Optimization

Definition and Function of PBN

PBN refers to multiple independent sites with similar themes, which use a link wheel strategy to direct links. The main functions of PBN include attracting more potential customers, providing external link support for the main site, and suppressing negative information.

PBN Link Wheel Structure

The link wheel structure of PBN is usually a pyramid structure, using a planned and organized approach to pass weight by linking together to achieve the ideal ranking for target keywords.

PBN Construction

In the process of PBN construction, attention should be paid to domain selection, program selection, space selection, keyword strategy, and content planning for PBN. It is recommended to use old domains for domain selection to avoid repeating registration information. Program and space selection should focus on stability and security, and space IPs need to be diverse to avoid search engine discovery. For keyword selection, long-tail keywords are recommended, and content planning should be relevant to the main site theme to avoid duplication.

PBN Maintenance

The maintenance of the station group includes content publishing and the use of station groups. In terms of content publishing, it is necessary to follow the search engine rules to ensure the website is regularly updated. When using station groups, attention should be paid to providing support for external links, while also adhering to the precautions for concealing station groups, including differentiation of domain name whois information, non-repetition of server IP, and avoidance of cross-linking, etc.

Station group optimization

In terms of station group optimization, it is necessary to optimize the station group for SEO, including filling in page tags, optimizing website URL paths, setting navigation, etc. At the same time, methods such as soft article publishing and mass external link deployment can be used for station group optimization.

The use of station groups

Station groups can provide external link support for websites, providing external link support for target sites through mutual connections of website homepage, column pages, and content pages in station groups.


Through the strategy and optimization of station groups, the weight and keyword ranking of target sites can be effectively improved, obtaining more potential customers and traffic. It can also suppress negative information, enhance the overall image and influence of the website.