Core Content of Independent Station Operations

Comparison between E-commerce Platform Operation and Independent Site Operation

In the field of cross-border e-commerce, we need to understand the comparison between independent site operation and e-commerce platform operation first. Whether domestic or overseas, the underlying logic of e-commerce is consistent, mainly involving three aspects: products, traffic, and conversion.


Choosing the right products is key. You can start with categories you are familiar with or interested in, consider the advantages of local or nearby sources, and use data from e-commerce platforms to evaluate the styles, prices, and other aspects of mainstream products.


Traffic sources are mainly divided into two types: e-commerce platforms and independent sites. For example, when searching on Google, clicking to enter the domain leads to the Amazon e-commerce platform, while clicking to enter your own domain leads to your independent site.


In terms of conversion, for e-commerce platforms, product main images, videos, detailed descriptions, etc., can create purchasing desires, but the platform's own traffic is not conducive to repeat purchases. For independent sites, product detail pages, homepages, store introductions, etc., can stimulate purchasing desires. Although self-traffic is required, it is beneficial for customer retention and repeat purchases.

Independent Site Operation

Independent site operation mainly focuses on traffic acquisition, traffic maintenance, and customer retention. Specific operation methods will be broken down and explained in the follow-up. If the above content is still not clear enough, please like and comment, let's improve together!