Basics of Website Clustering Operations

What is a site group?

A site group is operated by one person or a team operating multiple websites, aiming to obtain a large amount of traffic through search engines or increase links pointing to the same website to improve search rankings.

How to operate a site group?

Site groups usually consist of hundreds to thousands of websites, manual updates are almost impossible to complete, so it is often necessary to use site group software to achieve fully automatic updates and other operations. There are many site group software options available on the market, and you can also use open-source CMS systems to build site groups.

Number of sites required for a site group

There is no fixed number of sites required, generally people can operate thousands or even tens of thousands of websites through site group software systems. The key is whether it is possible to use bulk operation tools to manage these websites, where automated tools are the soul of site groups.

The core of site groups

By using site groups, you can gain a large amount of traffic, but improper operation may lead to website abandonment. The core of site groups is to operate them as normal websites, ensuring that each site is independent and different, following normal website optimization processes in aspects such as external link construction, content internal link construction, and column distribution.