Experience Sharing on Independent Website Operation

Traffic is key

The biggest challenge in operating an independent website is the traffic issue. If you do not have the ability to develop advertisements, it is recommended not to try easily. Because a successful independent website needs someone who understands advertising operations to manage it.

Operation is similar to starting a company

The process of setting up an independent website is similar to starting a company, which requires steps such as website building, decoration, product uploading, brand positioning, resource supply, and market pricing. These steps take time to perfect.

Traffic retention is crucial

The traffic of every visitor is very valuable, and user acquisition is crucial. Therefore, I often use marketing tools such as coupon pop-ups and homepage discounts to retain customers. At the same time, set up a chat window to establish contact with customers.

Customer maintenance and management

After acquiring customers, customer management is crucial. Maintaining existing customers is more costly than acquiring new ones, requiring continuous operation. Therefore, I specialize in business, researching how to conduct long-term marketing to customers and maintain customer loyalty.

Cultivating operation

When many people try to operate an independent website, they may give up halfway due to lack of traffic, giving up in less than a week. This is mainly because they lack the concept of persistent cultivation and think that traffic will come automatically. In fact, an independent website is like your own store, it needs constant effort to operate. The more you invest, the greater the value you will get.


I hope everyone pays more attention to and bookmarks, I will share my insights and experiences in the independent website I am reopening. Welcome to discuss together.