Analysis of Independent Site Traffic Retention and Improvement Strategies

Free Shipping Strategy

For independent websites, the overall cost of advertising marketing is very high, accounting for about 40% of the total cost. Therefore, how to retain customers, increase the average order value, and improve the repurchase rate has become a crucial key. For sellers without operational experience, you can try the following free shipping strategies:

Free shipping for orders over 89 yuan, setting a price ending with 9 can increase the free shipping threshold without being too sensitive; Add 9.9 yuan to receive the goods within 15 days, add 19.9 yuan to receive the goods within 10 days.

Buy N items and get the N+1th item at a discount

For foreign users who are more inclined to the buy N items and get the N+1th item at a discount strategy, it can effectively stimulate users to buy more and increase the overall sales. For example:

Buy 1 item and get 20% off on the second item; Buy 2 items and get 40% off on the third item; Buy 4 items and get 60% off on the fifth item.

Bundle Matching Strategy

By pairing popular products with other products, use the other products to enhance the overall product relevance and associated sales. For example:

Buy A at full price, but buy A+B and get a 10% discount; Buy A+C and get a 20% discount.

The above three strategies can be used as attempts to retain and increase traffic for independent websites, combined with subsequent email marketing, they can basically cover the operational tricks of independent websites.