10 Rules for Effective Website SEO

Choose reputable service providers

When registering domains and hosting, do not choose cheap service providers just for the sake of cost savings. Stable domains and hosting are the cornerstone of making money with clustered websites, otherwise, one may lose big for the sake of small gains.

Update text content with keywords frequently

Whether it's an image site, a flash website, or a movie site, always publish text content with keywords. Search engines can only recognize text, while images cannot be recognized.

Simple website structure and navigation

The website structure and navigation should be simple and clear, to avoid confusing search engines. Otherwise, it may affect the website's inclusion and ranking by search engines.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Do not excessively stuff keywords, as search engines dislike this practice. Keep the use of keywords reasonable.

Refine article titles with keywords

Article titles should be attractive and include keywords, which is advantageous for search engine crawling and indexing.

Emphasize the sharing function

Websites should have sharing functions to allow users to easily share content. This helps improve user experience and website authority.

Create a website map

The website map is very important for the indexing of search engine crawlers. If you do not know how to create a website map, you can use the website map tool provided by Baidu.

Choose the website keywords carefully.

When selecting website keywords, be cautious and do not change them easily. It is recommended to set only one main keyword for each site, while also setting 2 long-tail keywords.

Do not cheat.

Do not attempt to use black hat SEO techniques, as this will only harm the long-term development of the website. Adhere to the rules of search engines and take site group SEO seriously.

Thoroughly implement the above nine rules.

The above nine rules are the basic requirements of site group SEO. Only by thoroughly implementing them can you achieve sustained traffic and earnings.