Analysis of the Importance of Cross-border E-commerce Independent Site Development

The Importance of Cross-border E-commerce in the Global Pandemic: Under the influence of the global pandemic, the accumulation of brand awareness and user data, as well as operations, have become increasingly important. Therefore, cross-border sellers need to seize new traffic and new opportunities, one of which is to accelerate the layout of independent websites.

Comparison Between Independent Websites and Platform Mode

Cross-border e-commerce can be divided into platform mode and independent website mode. Platform mode refers to companies operating on third-party platforms such as Amazon, Shopee, and AliExpress; while the independent website mode involves building a website with an independent domain name, freeing itself from the constraints of third-party platforms.

The Necessity of Independent Websites

The necessity of independent websites is reflected in various aspects. Firstly, considering the rules and intense competition on platforms like Amazon, sellers need to deal with platform restrictions. Secondly, although selling on platforms like Amazon can bring in high traffic and reputation advantages, the competition intensifies after entering the platform, and the traffic revenue gradually declines. Finally, through independent websites, sellers can establish their own brands, master user data, enhance customer experience, and ensure long-term competitiveness.

Advantages and Value of Independent Websites

The advantages of independent websites are very prominent. Firstly, foreign countries focus on branding, establishing a brand can increase product premium and repurchase rate; secondly, independent websites can avoid the high costs and after-sales regulations of third-party platforms, and have better self-marketing effects; finally, independent websites can independently grasp user data, help build a stable user base, increase user retention and repeat transaction rate.

Challenges of independent websites

The difficulty of building independent websites lies in traffic and content operations. Traffic sources mainly rely on paid advertising drainage, with low conversion rates and high initial investment. Content operations involve various aspects such as visuals, copywriting, services, etc., requiring continuous optimization and innovation.

Development suggestions for independent websites

For cross-border sellers, establishing independent websites is an important development tool. Some suggestions include adjusting mindset, establishing brand image, exploring strengths and directions, finding competitive products, and changing marketing thinking, etc.


The year 2020 may be a year of rapid development for independent websites in cross-border e-commerce. Companies need to focus on brand awareness and accumulation of user data to pursue long-term development and internationalization strategies.