Network Marketing Station Group Strategy

Overview of Station Group Strategy

Station group refers to enterprises building multiple websites or publishing a large amount of information through third-party platforms or rapid website building programs to achieve marketing goals. Third-party platforms include classified information, B2B, yellow pages, etc.; rapid website building tools like Fanka, etc. The purpose of enterprise site groups is to seize the ranking of high-quality keywords and increase exposure.

Search Engine Recognition of Station Group

Station group content is of low quality and is susceptible to search engine penalties. Therefore, enterprises need to avoid behaviors that can be identified as a station group by search engines. Operation methods include ensuring different website content, using different host IP addresses, different website templates, reducing website interlinking, and using different domain registration information.

Principles of Station Group Construction

The principle of station group construction is to accumulate gradually. Enterprises should develop station group strategies based on product characteristics, regional demands, or industry requirements. Establishing station groups according to different classifications can yield better marketing results.

Enterprise Station Group Building Strategy

1. Division by Products: Suitable for enterprises with a large number of product categories, segmenting websites by products results in low keyword competition and high conversion rates.

2. Divide by region: Divide the station group according to the regional restrictions of the product or service, which can improve the accuracy and competitiveness of keywords.

3. Industry/brand division: Suitable for enterprises with relatively single products and no geographical restrictions, focusing on the construction of industry portals or brand enterprise stations.


When setting up a station group, companies need to pay attention to the way of dividing the station group, choosing the channels for building the station group (third-party platforms, rapid building or independent building), and the matters to be aware of during the process of building the station group, in order to achieve better marketing results.