The role and applicable scenarios of PR articles in the traffic diversion method of independent sites

Definition of PR Release

PR release, also known as public relations material, is promotional material written by public relations professionals, aimed at disseminating specific information through the media to shape or enhance the image of an organization, company, or brand. Common forms include news releases, feature articles, event coverage, published in news media, social media, and company websites, among others.

Roles of PR Release

1. Benefits website SEO: By adding backlinks in PR releases published on professional review websites and news media, it enhances the website's domain rating (DR).

2. Increase brand exposure: By releasing PR releases on professional review websites and news websites, it increases product and brand exposure.

3. Increase website sales: High page views may attract more interested users, increasing website traffic and sales.

Applicable Scenarios

PR release acquisition is difficult and costly, so scenarios should be chosen to make the most impact:

1. Crowdfunding promotion: PR releases can quickly increase product project exposure and build trust.

2. Brand shaping: Effectively convey brand core concepts and image to enhance brand impression.

3. Market preemption in distribution: When products are in high demand and being distributed, PR releases can help preempt the market.

Approaches to Obtain PR Releases

1. Contact editors and websites on your own: Write attractive articles yourself and submit them for publication.

2. News release media companies: If you lack resources or attractive articles, you can obtain PR article services through financial investment.

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