Guide to Website Clustering Technology

Definition and Function of Station Grouping

Station grouping refers to multiple independent sites with similar themes, pointing to links through a chain wheel strategy. The functions of station grouping mainly include the following aspects:

1. Attracting more potential users: By using station grouping to obtain a better ranking for potential traffic keywords in search engines, attracting more potential users.

2. Providing external link support for the main site: Each website in the station group can provide long-term effective external link support for the main site, quickly enhancing the weight of the target site and the ranking of target keywords, and obtaining high-quality traffic.

3. Suppressing negative information: By seizing user entry traffic, allowing users to enter the website from positive information, and avoiding the impact of negative information.

Station Group Construction

1. Station group domain selection: It is recommended to use old domains instead of new ones to avoid duplicate registration information leading to search engine penalties.

2. Station group program selection: Consider stability, proficiency of use, and security.

3. Station group space selection: Ensure stability, disperse IP addresses instead of concentrating in the same range to avoid detection by search engines.

4. Station group keyword strategy: Promote low-competition keywords.

5. Network content planning: relevant to the main site theme, avoiding direct copying of online content.

6. Cluster template selection: simple, highlighting key content, good user experience.

SEO optimization of site cluster

1. Carefully fill in the title, keyword, and description tags of the page.

2. URL staticization of the website.

3. Optimization of site structure.

4. Layout and density of keywords on the homepage.

5. Optimization of homepage tags and alt attributes.

Use of site cluster

1. Dealing with negative information in searches: pushing negative information to the back of search results page and showcasing positive information of the site cluster.

2. Steps for dominating Baidu's homepage: selection of keywords, selection of promotional pages, publication of original articles, support of non-important sites with external links.

Things to note about site cluster

1. Conceal domain information of the site cluster, avoid duplicate registration information and IP addresses.

2. Avoid cross-linking, plan the site cluster structure well.

3. Avoid content duplication, split themes into multiple sub-themes for site clustering.