How to Choose the Core Keywords for Your Business Website

The Importance of Core Keywords

Core keywords are crucial for the SEO of business websites. Most business websites only optimize the homepage, focusing on a few core keywords. Therefore, choosing the right core keywords is particularly important.

What are Core Keywords?

For businesses, core keywords refer to product terms with the highest search volume, profitability, and ability to attract target users.

Typically, selecting 3-5 highly relevant and high converting words related to the business for website optimization and ranking is essential. These words are known as core keywords. For example, for a website offering internet marketing training, core keywords could be 'internet marketing training' and 'Taobao e-commerce training'.

Characteristics of Core Keywords

In general, core keywords have the following characteristics:

  • Core keywords are usually used as the title of the website's homepage.
  • Core keywords typically consist of 2-4 words, mostly nouns.
  • Core keywords have a stable search volume in search engines.
  • Users searching for core keywords are usually interested in the website's products or services.
  • The main content of the website revolves around core keywords.

By selecting appropriate core keywords and optimizing around these keywords, the ranking of the company's website in search engines can be improved, attracting more potential customers.