How to Promote Products through Influencers

Red influencer marketing strategy

Our company also does Amazon, has independent websites, and often studies the most outstanding people in the industry and their methods. Anker's website has been analyzed before. Today we will take a look at how Anker's independent site uses red influencers to promote products.

Anker's red influencer cooperation

In addition to using affiliates to promote products, Anker also carries out marketing plans for red influencer cooperation on the independent site. Through the link, influencers can collaborate with Anker to jointly promote products. Information to be filled in includes name, country, email address, number of followers, page link, etc.

Marketing advantages

Anker's red influencer marketing method is simple and practical, it can be achieved through a form. This method has been adopted by many independent sites and is worth studying. Marketing is not only about team promotion, but also leveraging the power of others. Good product quality, powerful image shooting, Anker's images are excellent examples.

Shein's red influencer cooperation

Shein is a leader in the cross-border e-commerce B2C industry, also employing influencer marketing. Blogging influencers can submit information, receive promotion codes, and contact Shein for collaboration through the link

The Way of Influencer Marketing

Anker focuses on brand exposure and user loyalty, while Shein values traffic ranking more, especially emphasizing social media and SEO. Google favors blogs because blog texts can contain keywords, aiding product exposure. Through influencer promotion, products can gain more visibility, and keywords can be promoted across different blogs.


Promoting products through cooperation with in-house influencers is an innovative marketing method, different from traditional cooperation with external influencers. Learning from the excellent experiences of Anker and Shein can help us better utilize influencer resources to promote products.