Importance of Website Clustering Optimization

What is clustering

Cluster refers to the technology of building multiple websites for centralized management. With clustering tools, it is easy to build multiple websites and achieve automated updating and content publishing operations.

How to do site clustering

Site optimization is an important part of site clustering. Search engines prefer original high-quality content, so in site optimization, the relevance and uniqueness of content are crucial. Each site should be treated as an independent site for optimization.

Automated operation

Clustering tools provide functions for automatically obtaining, processing, and publishing content, making website management more convenient. Users can get rid of the hassle of manually updating the website, with one click, easily maintaining multiple websites.

Cluster tool features

Cluster tools support automatic collection and publication of Chinese and English content, suitable for all types of webmasters, and support multiple website language conversions. Users can automatically collect updates using keywords, without the need to write collection rules, and automatically build websites according to SEO optimization rules.

Collection mode

The station group tool has four built-in collection modes, including collecting from news libraries, custom rule-directed collection, keyword collection, and AI-generated articles. Users can choose the mode that suits their needs for content collection.

Expand keyword coverage

Station group optimization can cover more long-tail keywords, increase website exposure and search traffic. Through station group optimization, more long-tail keywords can be selected based on consumer habits and website themes to improve website ranking and click-through rate.


Station group optimization is one of the important means of website promotion. Although relying on business experience is no longer sufficient, better results can be achieved through station group optimization to adapt to the intense development of Internet competition.