Exploring the Future Development of Independent Stations in Southeast Asia

The Importance of Independent Websites

For some top sellers and brands on certain platforms, after accumulating a certain number of customers, establishing independent websites has become an effective way to tap into private domain channels. E-commerce platforms typically control customer information, which is not conducive to brands re-engaging with consumers and collecting feedback data. Therefore, independent websites can prevent resource loss.

Products Suitable for Independent Website Model

Some high unit price or high profit margin categories, such as beauty products, are suitable for choosing the independent website model. For example, makeup brands like Filorga have long started to establish their own brand's independent websites. In addition, some products with 'grey' attributes, such as electronic cigarettes, and adult products also choose the independent website model. These products are often restricted by e-commerce platforms, but they still have room to survive in cases where website creation tools are managed more liberally.

Localization Issues

When choosing the independent station mode, localization issues must be considered. In page design, the Indonesian market tends to favor green and light material elements. Religious elements are more popular during important festivals such as Ramadan and Islamic New Year. At the same time, be cautious to avoid using taboo elements and customs related to religion.

Key to Marketing

For the young online shopping population in Southeast Asia, social media operations and influencer marketing are crucial. Utilizing local Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for promotion is an important task. Establishing an influencer pool and driving social media operations are effective ways to increase brand awareness and sales.

Choice of Payment Methods

In the Southeast Asian market, the use of buy now, pay later users has grown more than five times. Installment payment reduces the threshold for purchasing high-priced products and has become an important means for independent stations to acquire traffic and guide repeat purchases. The buy now, pay later model increases the conversion rate of independent stations and enhances consumer willingness to make repeat purchases.

Future Outlook

In the next 3-5 years, as the Southeast Asian e-commerce environment matures, the independent station model may usher in a spring. However, for most sellers, choosing a route that suits their own development is the most important.