All about Website Clustering Technology

Basic Concepts of Site Grouping

Site group is one person or a team operating multiple websites, the purpose is to obtain a large amount of traffic through search engine promotion, or to link to the same website to improve search ranking. Site group is a collection of websites, but it must be unified, classified management, information sharing, and single sign-on. Site group is not unfamiliar compared to doing SEO, it is a common means of quickly improving the ranking of new sites. It can be understood as, you create a website, update one article every day, while site group is to directly create 100 sites, update 100 articles every day, and then use a set of system to manage them in a unified way. Site group is like strength in numbers, constantly promoting the transmission of spiders and weights, can quickly obtain keyword rankings, and even have the possibility of dominating Baidu search results directly.

Subdivision and Advantages and Disadvantages of Site Grouping

Site group is divided into: Regular Site Group, IP Site Group (Port Site Group), General Site Group, and Parasitic Site Group.

Regular Site Group
It can be understood that a regular website built through independent servers and domain names, each website is independent, just one person managing many websites. Each domain name only uses one www as the preferred domain or directly uses the root domain.

IP Cluster
In order to save costs more effectively, according to the characteristics of IP addresses that can be indexed by search engines, domain names are abandoned and the IP address on the server is directly used for the website. Overseas 258IP servers are commonly used, with prices around 1500 per month, treating the IP as the domain to access.

Port Cluster
In order to achieve more indexing and be more extensively indexed by search engines and to inherit more weight, some cluster site builders add a port at the end of the IP or domain, defaulting to port 80.

Wildcard Cluster
It is to perform wildcard resolution on a root domain, and then resolve each different second, third, or more levels of domain names to a website (IP).

Cluster Ranking Principle

The principle of the station group ranking work is actually very simple, summarized in one sentence: batch management, batch creation, editing, modification, crawling, setting, some can set automatic content changes, changing link URL and other forms, a set of station group system or tool software can achieve batch unified management operations for hundreds or even thousands of websites, quickly achieve website keyword rapid ranking on search engine homepage with the shortest time and fastest efficiency, and obtain traffic.

It is to optimize multiple websites at the same time by one person or a team, select high-quality old domains for record filing, each site has independent IP and template, layout keywords on the homepage, layout column pages and article pages for other words, try not to duplicate content, create their own anchor text links for keywords. After ranking optimization, a keyword search result will have multiple own websites. The purpose of this operation is to display a large number of keywords in more positions in search engines, increasing the probability of accurately targeting potential users.

To build a content-rich and valuable site group instead of creating a bunch of junk sites, in order to avoid becoming part of the billions of trash information on the Internet.

The value of site groups lies in providing our main website with a large number of external links, establishing a powerful link resource base, quickly increasing the voting rate of our main website keywords through links, promoting the rise of website keyword rankings, and achieving the ultimate goal of site groups - obtaining the largest scale of traffic from the search engine side. When we examine site groups, we should differentiate: 1. Based on business needs, the site group formed by multiple websites established by the same company conforms to the expectations of search engines online and has a positive impact on SEO. 2. Using a large number of independent domain names to manipulate search rankings is the target of severe punishment by search engines. With adjustments to Baidu's algorithm, these kinds of site groups will essentially disappear in the next few years.