Going Overseas as an Independent Site: The "Last Mile" of Localized Payments

The era of 'traffic is no longer king'

In the past, independent websites achieved order growth by attracting a large amount of traffic, but as market competition intensifies and consumer habits change, the impact of traffic on the operation of independent websites is gradually decreasing. Precision operation has become the new business logic, with every aspect from UI design to payment experience having a significant impact on order conversion. Data shows that the order conversion rate is only 3.3%, and the strict privacy policies introduced after iOS 14.5 update have also increased the cost of traffic acquisition.

Smooth out the localization of the 'last mile'

Independent websites face traffic from global markets, with each market having distinct differences in consumer habits and payment rules, and the payment process is the 'last mile' to complete the order. Different markets have varying demands for localized payment experiences; for example, Southeast Asia prefers COD (cash on delivery) method, while European and American consumers are accustomed to credit card payments. Imperfections in the payment process may result in potential order loss, and the settlement process also directly affects the actual profit of independent website sellers.

When facing this difficult problem, Airwallex launched a global collection solution in the cloud, supporting over 160 payment methods in more than 180 countries and regions worldwide. This means that independent stations can provide more suitable payment methods for the majority of online shoppers globally through the solution of Airwallex in the cloud, achieving deep localization.

Choice of local payment methods for local consumers

For consumers shopping on independent stations, localized collection solutions can allow local consumers to choose payment methods that are more suitable for themselves. This is a great convenience for consumers, increasing their satisfaction with shopping on independent stations.

Seller's choice of collection methods

The global collection solution of Airwallex in the cloud supports multiple settlement currencies, such as US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, euros, etc., effectively reducing the exchange losses for sellers. Sellers priced in US dollars can directly settle in US dollars, pay suppliers and run advertisements in US dollars, reduce foreign exchange costs, and ensure the profit of each transaction to a greater extent.

Improving the conversion rate of independent station orders

Sky Cloud Exchange supports non-redirect payment experience first, allowing consumers from all over the world to achieve a "silky shopping" experience through independent station payment plug-ins, thereby increasing the conversion rate of independent stations. The speed and convenience of this payment method can attract more consumers to complete their purchases.

Simplify Global Operations

In global operations, selling goods is only the first half, while receiving payments and getting the funds flowing is the incremental code of the second half. Sky Cloud Exchange provides independent station merchants with a full-link financial experience, solving the needs of business partners with broad and powerful coverage. Enterprises can manage cross-currency revenue through the global enterprise account of Sky Cloud Exchange, conduct currency exchange, make payments through global payment links or payment card methods, and meet the needs of enterprises in operations for receiving, managing, and paying.

Powerful Technical Support

AirCloudPay relies on long-term financial technology research and development strength, holding multiple national government-issued payment licenses, such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., ensuring the localization and global compliance of the payment process. By providing safe, compliant, and efficient collection and payment services, AirCloudPay is committed to helping independent online sellers achieve stable business growth.

AirCloudPay has become a 'fintech unicorn' sought after by top venture capital institutions such as Sequoia Capital and Hillhouse Capital, providing localized professional services for global payments in 19 offices around the world. Through its comprehensive financial technology solutions, AirCloudPay not only helps corporate clients reduce payment waiting times and costs, but also provides stronger support for cost reduction and efficiency improvement for enterprises going global.