Independent Station: Trends Are Emerging, How to Seize the Opportunity?

Brand and Diversified Traffic Acquisition

With the popularity of independent websites, the incident of Amazon's flagship store being shut down has attracted more attention to independent websites. Branding has become a trend, and acquiring private traffic has also become crucial. Simply selling on Amazon without customer data and private traffic makes it impossible to build an independent brand. Therefore, the importance of diversified traffic channels is self-evident.

Product Upgrades and Brand Premium Strategy

With the rise of Chinese sellers, product upgrades have become an inevitable trend. In 2021, refinement, deep supply chain cultivation, and branding are the ways of development, while the traditional price-cutting and price competition models are unsustainable. Observing foreign consumer brands, they emphasize storytelling, packaging design, and brand marketing, hence achieving brand premium. After understanding the trends, the key lies in implementing actions.

Seize the Opportunity: Development Strategy of Independent Websites

For most Amazon sellers, using part of Amazon profits to develop an independent site is a feasible strategy. As the strategies for both platforms are different, it is recommended to start from 3 to 4 layers and gradually shift the focus to the independent site steadily. The key lies in optimizing the website, building the brand, and enhancing the customer experience.

Specific operations include:

  • Website color scheme and Logo design
  • Improving website speed
  • Increasing product credibility
  • Actively responding to customer queries
  • Creating original content

With continuous optimization and effort, brand building will gradually take shape. Looking ahead, the future development prospects of independent websites are bright. For example, last year, the Asian independent site company Jihong Group witnessed a surge in revenue, indicating the huge potential in the independent site market.

Layout of marketing channels and trend insights

Observing top sellers in the industry, it is noted that they respond rapidly and engage in marketing activities on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and others. In parallel, leading independent site companies achieved revenue doubling through precision advertising placements.

Therefore, seizing the opportunity and trying new marketing channels is crucial. TikTok has emerged and is worth trying. As traffic becomes scarcer, grasping traffic trends, accumulating fans, and realizing individual value are key to future development. Seizing the current opportunities is crucial as the situation changes.

Overall, independent websites have become a trend. Reshaping brands, expanding traffic channels, and seizing marketing trends should be the focus and effort of every seller in future development.