How to create a successful standalone website

Technology is not the solution to all problems

In the process of pursuing traffic, some people always focus on aspects such as website construction, optimization, and operation, thinking that this is key. But I believe these are just pseudo-needs. The root of the problem lies in personal internal drive. Technology is not the solution to all problems; there are countless answers to problem-solving on the internet.

An individual's strength depends not only on technical level but also on thinking, ideas, and execution. Many people shout slogans loudly but lack persistence and execution. Therefore, technology is not the issue; the real strength lies in inner drive and execution.

Considerations for independent sites

Many people hesitate whether to create independent sites, this dilemma may last a long time. But if you continue to hesitate, you may still be troubled by the same problem tomorrow and the day after. Understand this: external education and drive are not as effective as internal drive.

Only when you feel pain and stress in your heart will you consider building an independent site. However, the problem is that many people forget about this idea after the problem is solved, and only rethink it when the next problem arises. Personal intrinsic motivation accounts for at least 70%. Relying on others' education is not feasible if you do not clearly understand what you want to do.

Key Moments of Building an Independent Site

Only when dealing with issues such as Amazon account removal, WeChat Moments reposting to protect Amazon rights, store closure, or product hijacking, will people consider whether to establish an independent site. But this consideration can only be temporary. Without continuous intrinsic motivation driving it, it will ultimately fizzle out.

During the site building, optimization, and operation process, various unexpected problems may arise, such as choosing a site building template, optimization methods, or not finding suitable operational talents. Without intrinsic motivation and problem-solving skills, it is easy to become discouraged and ultimately return to the old routine.


To do well with an independent website, you must first clarify the inner drive, rather than be driven by external factors. Only when the innermost desire is truly understood, can things be done at their best. While technology is important, only the inner drive and execution power are the key factors.