Cross-border E-commerce: Independent Website Becomes an Important Channel

Farewell to platform traffic dependence, have marketing autonomy

With the increasing competition faced by platform e-commerce, many overseas enterprises are starting to transform their business models, and independent websites have become one of the important channels for cross-border overseas expansion. Through independent websites, enterprises can bid farewell to their dependence on platform traffic, have stronger marketing autonomy, can accurately reach a global massive user base through various marketing methods, and utilize methods such as private domain marketing and remarketing to acquire more high-value customers or inquiries, thereby extending the marketing cycle.

Avoid price wars, independently control pricing and sales strategies

Compared with platform e-commerce, independent overseas expansion can avoid third-party platform price wars and homogenization competition, allowing enterprises to independently control product pricing and sales strategies, and obtain a greater profit margin.

Brand planning and layout are more autonomous

Through independent websites, companies can conduct brand planning and layout more independently. Independent websites can obtain first-party data. Overseas companies can provide personalized products and shopping experiences for consumers based on data insights, thereby enhancing brand influence and consumer trust, achieving brand premium, increasing consumer loyalty to promote repeat purchases, and even opening up more monetization opportunities, gaining a broader and long-term market space.

Case Study

Case Study 1

Outdoor sports brand Aleader, after transitioning to DTC, broke free from third-party price wars, accurately targeted customer groups not available on platforms with rich data insights, and increased sales threefold within six months.

Case Study 2

Custom motorcycle parts brand Advanblack, after transitioning to DTC, faced consumers directly, bid farewell to homogenized competition on third-party platforms, achieved differentiated positioning, and maintained a stable return on investment of over 10.

Easily start an independent website, kickstart traffic and customer acquisition

Now, the independent station construction and operation services are very mature. Cross-border e-commerce companies can self-built websites through online tools or quickly start website construction and independent station traffic services by professional service providers. If you are interested in launching an independent station mode and need independent station construction or optimization services and advice, you can get customized independent station services.