Website launch essential workflow

1. Enhancing Sales Force

In the process of enhancing sales force, conversion ability is crucial. Credibility is one key factor, including qualifications, authoritative authorization, awards, and successful cases. In addition, providing phone numbers, addresses, contact information, etc., can also enhance sales content. Common methods include promotional activities and emphasizing brand power. Brand power should highlight the advantages of the brand, such as positioning, company history, and successful cases. The aim is to emphasize the differences and advantages between the brand and competitors.

2. Domain Name Resolution

When the website is launched in the Mainland area, several necessary tasks need to be completed. First is domain name resolution, the domain name must be resolved to the website host. Then is host domain binding, that is, binding the website host to a fixed domain name. Next is the website's entity record-filing, which requires going through the MIIT record-filing and public network record-filing processes. The required steps also include setting up www resolution and main domain resolution, with corresponding values being the host IP address; both the host name www and the non-www version need to be resolved. In addition, MX records and CNAME records need to be set up. For example, the email address is [email protected], and the tool can use Finally, the task of building a mobile site needs to be prepared before the website is launched, and domain name resolution should be done after the record-filing is approved.

3. Webmaster Platform Verification

After the website goes live, it is also essential to verify it on the webmaster platform. You can use webmaster platforms such as,, and The process includes logging into the webmaster account, site management, adding the website, verifying the website, selecting file verification, downloading the verification file, uploading the verification file to the website root directory, clicking on the verification submission link, and submitting sitemap.xml. When verifying on the webmaster platform, do not overly focus on the increase or decrease in the index quantity. Also, submit broken links promptly to allow search engines to delete any dead links already indexed. Additionally, when conducting crawling diagnostics, ensure that the website code meets expectations, especially when the URL address structure changes during website redesign. Finally, exercise caution when using the site closure protection feature, as enabling it may prevent search engine spiders from crawling the website content.