Summary of SEO Optimization Methods

What is Baidu site verification

Baidu site verification (also known as Baidu Webmaster Platform site verification) is a site management platform provided by Baidu Webmaster Platform to help webmasters understand website [core data], [web crawling], [optimization and maintenance] data more quickly and efficiently.

Three verification methods detailed explanation

So far, Baidu Webmaster Platform has provided three verification methods for webmasters: file verification, HTML tag verification, and CNAME verification.

File Verification

File verification is the simplest and quickest site verification method provided by Baidu Webmaster Platform.

  • Login to Baidu Webmaster Platform → Site Management → Add Website
  • Enter the website you want to add
  • Check the [Site Properties]
  • Verify the website (default file verification)

HTML Tag Verification

The HTML tag verification method is similar to the file verification method, except that you need to add specific code to the HTML code on the website's homepage.

  • Add specific code to the HTML code on the website's homepage
  • Click on the 'Verify' button

CNAME Verification

CNAME verification method requires adding DNS records in the domain management backend to resolve specific URLs to Baidu's servers.

  • Log in to the domain management background, find the domain resolution page, and add DNS records
  • Resolve specific URL to Baidu server
  • Click the 'Verify' button


The above is a detailed introduction to Baidu site verification in SEO optimization. I hope it helps friends who are not familiar with Baidu Webmaster Platform verification. As long as you read carefully and follow the instructions, website verification can be successfully completed.