Revealed: Tips for Operating Independent Cross-border E-commerce Websites

Key Factors in Analyzing Mathematical Relationships

With the development of cross-border e-commerce, the operation of independent websites is constantly improving and upgrading. In the process of initial exploration and development by independent website sellers, various methods have emerged to attract more traffic, and how to increase conversion rate has become a key issue.

Chen Yuanming, the person in charge, analyzed the factors affecting the sales volume of independent websites from a mathematical perspective: sales volume equals new customer transaction amount plus repeat customer transaction amount, which means acquiring new customers and repeat purchases are the foundation of sales volume. In addition, sales volume also equals the number of visitors multiplied by the overall store conversion rate multiplied by the average order value, focusing on these three dimensions can play a crucial role in increasing sales volume. The key to increasing conversion rate lies in increasing transaction frequency and improving visitor traffic.

Key Issues in Traffic Analysis

When considering traffic aspects, sellers need to pay attention to the following issues:

First, traffic ceiling. Understand the upper limit of traffic to avoid futile efforts.

Second, traffic cost. Control customer acquisition costs based on product characteristics and channels, and calculate investment and return.

Third, channel selection. Choose suitable promotion channels for products, such as fashion products suitable for promotion on Facebook, while products like lawnmowers are suitable for promotion on Google.

Fourth, traffic risk. It is necessary to grasp the stability of traffic in order to adjust SEO investments.

Fifth, traffic cycle. Different promotion methods have different cycles. Understanding these characteristics helps to improve promotion efficiency.

Comprehensive explanation of 15 details from a technical perspective

In addition to traffic, it is also crucial to improve conversion rates from a technical standpoint. Here are 15 technical dimension recommendations:

1. Domain: Choose a short domain, preferably ending in .COM.

2. Page speed: Ensure that the page loading speed is within 200 milliseconds.

3. Mobile adaptability: The website must display fully on mobile devices, providing a simple operating interface.

4. Credibility: Avoid the website being flagged as insecure.

5. Page structure: Clear navigation structure, reasonable category division, and no use of FLASH.

6. Search optimization: Optimize the search function, including search suggestions and popular searches.

7. Shopping experience: Provide cloud shopping cart services, simplify the checkout process.

8. Display Content: Provide multi-angle images, videos, text descriptions, etc.

9. Pixel Integration: Use Facebook and Google pixel integration.

10. Localization: Provide multiple payment methods and languages according to the region.

11. User Retrieval: Track users who abandon the shopping cart through email.

12. Email Notifications: Increase awareness through email tracking during transactions.

13. Activity Module: Carry out different activities or coupon distributions based on time periods.

14. Social Media: Support content import from Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

15. Data Analysis: Improve marketing strategies by understanding user traffic and product sales through data analysis.