Guide to Independent Website Operation

What is an independent station

An independent station is relative to the platform. I have many years of experience in operating the international station of a certain country, and I also have some understanding of MIC, Lazada, Shopee, Global, etc. In essence, an independent station can only be considered as one's own website. The global store of a certain country's international station is just building a template website based on the foundation of the certain country station. If the platform does not renew, then this hard-maintained website will also be gone. The same goes for other platforms. When the platform expires, all the data on it will no longer belong to you.

Avoiding pitfalls guide

In the operation of independent stations, there are several key points that need special attention:

1. Category setting

Categories are the facade of the website. When visitors come in search of products, they will first look at your categories. It is recommended to use three-level categories to display products, to avoid being too cluttered. The third-level category should be the product itself, not further subcategories.

2. Title setting

The title should include style, material, core product keywords, and some descriptive words. Referring to the titles set by peers can help beginners write more accurate, concise, and logically clear titles.

3. Price setting

Price setting should consider product cost, shipping cost, advertising expenses, and profit. The recognized algorithm is to allocate 25% to product cost, 25% to shipping cost, 25% to advertising expenses, and 25% to profit. When adjusting prices, refer to peer prices, slightly higher than peer prices to avoid losses.

4. Shipping Template Setting

Select the appropriate courier based on the weight and volume of the product. For products within different weight ranges, different courier and billing methods are adopted. To avoid losses, ensure accurate shipping cost calculation.

5. Main Image and Details Page

The first image of the main image is mostly a white background and a light-colored background image, without adding a logo. The details page needs to describe the product features in detail, avoid using images of others, and mistranslated English words.

6. Website Theme Selection

Select a theme suitable for the industry and style requirements, considering factors such as the color tone, layout, content, product display, etc., on the homepage. Optimize product display simultaneously based on promotional situations.


Operating an independent station is a process that requires constant adjustment and careful handling. Utilize tools for data analysis, always pay attention to customer turnover points and make corresponding adjustments. Carefulness is the most needed quality in operation, it is a repetitive work, not very difficult, therefore, being meticulous becomes a key factor in the success of operation.