The Complete Guide to Operating an Independent Website

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Nowadays, with the continuous increase in platform operating costs, independent websites have become very popular in the past two years. Many people are starting independent websites and managing their own private traffic. There are many excellent companies in the current market, and the demand for independent website operation talents is also very high. However, many bosses may try to do independent websites while knowing nothing about technology, products, and operations. They may think that hiring a few people can solve all the problems, but in reality, this is a wrong idea and may end up becoming others' leeks. Therefore, this article will introduce some basic concepts to friends who are new to independent websites to avoid taking the wrong path.


The success of an independent station is related to product selection, but more importantly, it is about operation. Sometimes, choosing the right product category can result in monthly sales higher than the entire year of competitors. In addition, understanding operation is required, which either involves spending money or time. One can spend time researching, recruiting, or internally training personnel to handle operations, or consider outsourcing. It is important to note that the operating costs are similar to hiring several independent station operators. Just like taking care of children, if you have time, you can do it yourself, but if not, you need to find a babysitter or send them to a daycare.


After completing the construction and operation, having a secure payment channel is crucial. Ultimately, all prior actions and successful transactions are aimed at putting money into pockets. For sellers, if they are selling legitimate and compliant products, they need a stable payment channel to ensure fund security and website transaction volume. There are well-known payment companies abroad like Stripe, 2Checkout, and domestically in China, there is Oceanpayment among others. Merchants should focus on their products and services, and avoid relying on luck.


There are many channels for promotion, with commonly used ones like Google, Facebook, etc. Recently, overseas Tik Tok is also frequently used in promotion. Tik Tok is actually the foreign version of Douyin. When promoting, it is important to rationally view the foreign market. By implanting popular domestic content into the foreign market, it can attract attention and increase product visibility. For example, inviting a few internet celebrities to wear branded clothes and perform dances to attract attention and increase search volume.


Independence websites are a promising path, persistence, preparation, and luck are all important. Although it is difficult to start, with gradual progress, success is bound to come. Running an independent website is more convenient now compared to a few years ago, as professional agencies can be entrusted to handle technical, operational, and other matters, saving energy to think about business development. An independent website is crucial for long-term company development, even though it is challenging, it is necessary to proceed.

Finally, the author emphasizes that the domestic payment company Oceanpayment focuses on independent site sellers, known for its safety and convenience. Partner merchants need to provide certain information, but will experience convenience and simplicity after cooperation. Oceanpayment provides timely and user-friendly localization services for domestic independent site sellers.