Site group project operation ideas

Operation of a group of websites in the anti-static flooring industry

The day before yesterday, when I was chatting with our factory director Lao Gao, Lao Gao asked me if we could create a website ranking the top ten brands of anti-static flooring. As soon as he mentioned this topic, I knew what he was up to. Because the websites currently ranked at the top charge as much as hundreds of thousands for a spot in their top ten list of anti-static flooring brands. Instead of paying for a spot on their website, why don't we create our own site, optimize the keywords, with almost no cost involved, just a little bit of time.

We can also take this website to find factories in Changzhou that produce their own brands, and have them purchase a position in our website's brand ranking. This not only solves our needs but also makes money, killing two birds with one stone. If this model works, the next step would be to directly operate multiple websites, expanding from the anti-static flooring industry to other industries. This is how a brand-new project for making money through a group of websites is born.

Now it's just a logical connection, the real execution will encounter a fatal problem. Because we are familiar with the anti-static floor industry, we know which factories are willing to pay for the ranking position on the website. Just talk to them directly, letting them pay is almost no problem, just a matter of price.

Challenge of the station group project

Because these brands need this kind of website to help them endorse the brand, which will eventually affect the customer conversion rate. But if it is in other industries, we are basically blank. The operation and implementation difficulty of the entire station group project is basically non-existent, and these keyword rankings are relatively easy to optimize. We must find industries that need Baidu keyword ranking endorsement, as well as customers willing to pay in the industry. Most companies do not care about brand influence, and it is difficult for small factories to pay for brand influence.

Station group project for free reading of classic books website

The operation logic of another station group project is to create a free reading website for classic books. Each book is made into a website, with each chapter viewed as an article to be published. When users open the website, the homepage displays the table of contents of the entire book, and clicking on a chapter title allows them to read the content. Although the content is copied, ranking well in search engines is not a problem.

The main profit avenues of the website include Google AdSense ads, directing traffic to monetize through official accounts, CPS book recommendations, and website sales. While the traffic for a single book might not be high, due to them being classic books, the traffic is quite sustainable. By selecting good keywords, each website can earn a few thousand yuan in a year, making the benefits of the station group significant.

If a website brings you a profit of 3,000 yuan in a year, the profit margin is 30 times. If you have 100 websites, the annual income can reach 300,000 yuan. This type of station group requires zero maintenance, with some initial time investment for content updates, but completely hands-off later on.

Websites themselves are also valuable assets. The station group is an asset, selling a batch of them can provide enough funds to buy a house in a third-tier city with ease.