Natural Traffic Analysis of Aromatherapy Candle Website

1. Keyword Traffic Situation

The global search volume for the keyword Aromatherapy candles is 8.0K, with 1.9K in the United States, 880 in the United Kingdom, a competition difficulty of 30%, and a CPC of 0.84. The keyword variants reach 1.0K, with a total search volume of 8.9K. There are 46 question keywords with a search volume of 470. According to Google Trends, the search popularity of this keyword in the past 5 years is over 50, with main popularity in countries such as New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Singapore.

Another keyword for expressing scented candles is 'scented candles', which has a higher traffic volume of 119.5K. However, compared to Aromatherapy candles, the latter not only emits fragrance but also can activate brain areas to improve health and emotions, making it more suitable as the core category keyword for websites.

2. Website Traffic Situation

(1) Basic Website Situation is a subdomain of, a sub-brand specialized in selling fragrant products established in 1994. The website's search traffic reaches 8.3K, with 5K ranking keywords, a domain weight of 50, and 95% of the search traffic coming from the United States. The main SERP forms are reviews and images.

The traffic source of this subdomain is mainly from natural search, accounting for 67%. The search keywords rank high, with most of the traffic coming from core keyword searches, although the on-page SEO and backlink construction are not ideal.

(II) Website Search Traffic

In the United States, the number of keywords ranked on this website is 4288, with brand words + category words accounting for 56.3% and non-brand words accounting for 43.7%. Informational keywords account for 39.4%, transactional keywords account for 41.6%, and commercial keywords account for 10.3%. Website visitors mainly come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, with natural search traffic accounting for 67%.

(III) Inbound Traffic of the Website

In the past 3 months, the website visitor traffic was 179015, with an average monthly traffic of 59672, mainly from mobile devices. The average page views are 3.14, the average session duration is 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and the bounce rate is 26.27%. The main traffic source is the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, China.

Although the on-site SEO is not perfect, the website still manages to attract a large amount of traffic, with most of the organic search traffic coming from its primary domain passing on authority, resulting in faster ranking. By optimizing the on-site SEO and adding high-quality content, there is potential for further increase in search traffic.

Paid Traffic Situation

In the past 3 months, the website has run some paid advertisements, but the share of paid traffic is relatively low. Search paid traffic accounts for only 1.29%, while display paid traffic accounts for 0.33%. The paid keywords are mainly related to candles, with a low proportion of traffic from brand-related keywords.

Social Traffic Situation

1. Youtube

The YouTube channel for the chesapeake bay candle brand was created in 2011, with 39 videos, but only 62 followers. The channel has not been updated for a long time, with the most recent update being 5 years ago. Even the YouTube account for the parent brand yankeecandle has a low number of followers, with just over 5000 followers and 130 videos. When searching keywords 'chesapeake bay candle' on YouTube, some review videos are included in the results, but the view count is very low. According to VIDIQ data, the traffic for this keyword is moderate, with very low competition.

2. Facebook

The website's Facebook account was created in 2009, with 31K fans and 31K likes. The latest post was updated in 2023, the domain has not been updated, signs indicate that the account has not been maintained for a long time. However, the pages for Poland and Switzerland are still operational and running ads. The Instagram account has 11K followers, with the latest update in 2023, also not operational for a long time.

3. Instagram

The Instagram account has 11K followers, has posted 980 posts, with the latest update in 2023. Not maintained, possibly linked to the Facebook page and ad account. Additionally, there are Polish accounts with 945 followers and an Australian account, but all have not been updated for a long time.

4. Tiktok

The website has two accounts on Tiktok, but with no content and very few followers, indicating they are not operational. The parent brand has many followers and high view counts on Tiktok. However, searching for videos related to relevant keywords reveals that the official account is not being maintained.


From the above analysis, it can be seen that the independent site traffic of the chesapeake bay candle brand mainly comes from search and direct traffic brought by the primary domain name. Social media YouTube and Tiktok bring less traffic, Facebook and Instagram ads can bring some traffic, and other channel traffic is rare.

Although the volume of core category keywords is not large, other long-tail keywords can be expanded, such as fragrance, style, usage, etc. Obtain traffic through organic search, combine with advertising to increase brand awareness, boost search volume, and optimize keywords to increase website traffic.