Sharing Experience of Website Grouping Projects

Project makes money steadily

I have been doing station group projects for two years. Last month, I sold a batch of sites and found that this project is a steady money-making project. As long as you operate this project, you will not lose money, it's just a matter of how much you earn.

Resource download sites

Take resource download sites as an example. Building a website like this only costs space and domain name, totaling about 200 yuan per year. Copy and paste to update content daily, as time accumulates, Baidu will index it, and traffic will increase. Monthly income can reach tens of thousands. Although there are pros and cons to doing station groups, even if the website income is low or zero, it can be sold for money.

Logic of selling websites

Some people are willing to buy websites. One type is novices who believe they can make money with passion; another type is experts who have ranking optimization techniques; there is also a group of people who mainly buy website domain names. After one year, a resource download site becomes an old domain name, which is attractive to the gray industry.

Using a new domain name is better

Novice suggests using new domain names for site groups, which can be profitable and risk-free. Experience tells me that buying old domain names carries risks, as many old domain names are used for shady practices and then abandoned. Using new domain names for site groups can be sold even after a year, even if there is no big profit, there will be no loss.

Practice Summary

Practice is the key to becoming an expert. Making mistakes is not scary, what is scary is not practicing. Only by striving to choose the right direction and sticking to it, passive income will become easy.