Deal sites that even independent websites can participate in


Dealnews is the largest blog-style deal site in the United States, with a monthly visit traffic of around 5 million, of which 94% are from the United States. Unlike community-based deal sites, only editors can post here, and users cannot post on their own. Due to the unified posting mode, independent sites do not need to rely on users to post and can post directly through editors.


Ihotoffers is also a blog-style deal site in the United States, with a monthly visit traffic of around 650,000. It provides sellers with regular posts on the homepage, where sellers can post through editors and their posts will appear on the homepage.


1sale is an internet retail website with around 580,000 monthly visits in the United States. There are no specific requirements for store ratings, feedback, or reviews, which also benefits independent sites for posting. However, based on experience, the greater the discount, the higher the chance of being featured on the website.


Dealwiki is one of the main promotion websites in the United States, with a monthly visit traffic of around 470,000, mainly from the United States. The website requirements are not strict, and most posts submitted to editors can be approved, resulting in a higher success rate.


Dealbunny is a multifunctional website in Germany that integrates electronics, maternity and baby products, apparel, decorations, home goods, and magazine subscription services, with a monthly traffic of around 200,000, mainly targeted at audiences from Germany. The website's posts are divided into four categories, and it provides an opportunity for independent sellers as well.

The five deal websites mentioned above are suitable sites for independent sellers to share their posts today. In addition to this, there is another scenario that independent sellers can refer to.

If your independent website has been established for a certain period of time, you can consider directly negotiating cooperation with well-known deal websites with high traffic. Contact the official team to have your independent site reviewed. If it meets the criteria, you will need to pay the website to post your content. After a period of time, you may have a dedicated section for your independent site on the deal website. However, this is a rare case and requires your independent site to perform exceptionally well and have a certain level of experience.