How to Choose the Right Server

The Importance of Servers

Before choosing a server, we need to consider some important factors. Firstly, the after-sales service of the server is crucial. Cheap servers are often due to lower manpower costs, one major aspect being the 7x24 hour after-sales service. If the server encounters problems and cannot contact the service provider in time, it will lead to the website being closed for a long time, affecting ranking and user experience.

Server Stability

Server stability is more important than speed. An unstable server can cause the website to not open, thereby affecting search engine indexing. Therefore, when choosing a server, pay attention to its stability.

Server Speed

Usually, our websites require high network speed, especially when traffic is low. For this situation, you can choose a Hong Kong cluster server. Hong Kong is part of China, but due to the policy of the Special Administrative Region, there is no record-filing requirement locally, which is beneficial for doing cluster websites.

The speed of accessing the Hong Kong server from China is very fast, especially the China Mainland accessing the Hong Kong CN2 line data center. If the website has high traffic volume and requires high server connection quality, it is recommended to choose the cluster servers with US CN2 line. Although the price is higher, the quality is guaranteed.

Recent research has found that when the webpage loading time exceeds 3 seconds, 57% of users will leave the webpage before it finishes loading.

Custom IP Address Range

Some cluster servers have adjacent IP addresses, such as,, etc. Experience shows that adjacent IP address ranges may affect each other in some situations. It is recommended to change IP ranges every 10 IP addresses to avoid problems.

Server System Selection

It is recommended to choose Windows 2003 Server as the system for cluster servers, because when building clusters, we often need to use batch tools, such as batch IIS website creation tools.

Recommendations for Overseas Data Centers

For selecting overseas data centers, here are some recommendations:

Hong Kong: New World, PCCW Solutions.

United States: Santa Ana KT Data Center, Los Angeles Data Center.

Netherlands: Rotterdam Data Center, Amsterdam Data Center.

Germany: ST Data Center, VL Data Center, DE Data Center.

South Korea: KT Data Center.

Japan: NTT data center room.

Singapore: QALA data center room.