How to Build a Successful WordPress Website

Discover and analyze successful cases

Recently, I found a very successful independent website in Google search. The website is built with WordPress and designed using Elementor editor. The overall style is simple and atmospheric, leaving a very good impression.

View data analysis

Through Semrush data analysis, the natural traffic of this website has accumulated 8.4k and the ranking keywords have reached 18k. This indicates that they have done very well in Google SEO.

Natural traffic has been steadily increasing in the past two years, showing that their operational strategy is effective. In the past, it may have been due to not operating this website, so the traffic has been relatively low.

Keyword optimization and blog development

By reviewing the list of natural keywords participating in ranking and the traffic share page, I found that the main source of traffic for this website is the blog article page. This also made me realize that exploring your own keywords and writing blogs are effective ways to increase traffic.