Enterprise Multi-site Website Build Planning Sharing

The Significance of Multi-Site Websites

Multi-site websites refer to multiple websites built by enterprises or government units to showcase different regional businesses, subsidiary brands, product line services, and departmental functions. The traditional way is to independently build multiple sites, connect them through links, and manage each site independently. However, with the development of enterprises, site group systems have emerged to achieve unified management, data collection analysis, and operational planning for multiple sites.

The Role of Site Group Systems

Site group systems can intelligently manage multiple sites, achieve shared publishing based on specific permissions. Through one-stop management, different sub-sites can display different styles according to business needs. Unified deployment and management facilitate enterprises to control the development of each site. Gradually divide user permissions, manage site data uniformly, and help enterprises make quick decisions and adjustments.

Case Study

Case study 1: Unified management of domestic and international business sites by Zhuhai Bentu Printing Technology Co., Ltd.

BenTu is a Chinese printer company with independent intellectual property rights, selling to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. Through the station group system, it has achieved unified content control, inter-site content exchange, unified data collection, and unified operation and maintenance management, providing support for corporate image and content management.

Case 2: Unified Management and Distribution of Operational Information for National Agricultural Technology Transfer Service Center

The center is an institution that provides services to promote the transfer, transformation, and application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements. The station group system helps it achieve political information control, unified user data management, and unified entry of site systems, improving work efficiency and management costs.

Advantages of Station Group System

The station group system centrally manages multiple websites, including content, user, and permission management, and improves work efficiency and reduces management costs through resource sharing and unified management. It also achieves data and information exchange between websites, providing better collaboration and user experience. The station group system is an efficient, flexible, and scalable website management solution that helps businesses better manage and operate multiple websites.


Based on the issues and trends of the enterprise development stage, planning a suitable, long-term, stable, and iterative station group system is the key to truly solving the problems faced by the enterprise. It is crucial to identify and solve problems in a targeted manner and provide professional station group construction solutions.