The meaning and operation method of station grouping

Basic Concepts

Site group is a way for webmasters to promote websites by utilizing the natural laws of search engine optimization, bringing traffic from the search engine side. The site group system is of great significance to the meaning of site groups. The concept of a site group is: unifying and managing multiple independent domain names (including subdomains) and linking them together.

Purpose of Site Groups

The purpose of site groups is to establish a strong link resource library, boost the ranking of website keywords, achieve the ultimate goal of site groups, gain maximum traffic from the search engine side, and realize profitability through a good business model.

Preparing to Establish a Site Group

  • Domain Names:For domain names, old domain names have the advantage of domain age, but new domain names can also be used. The number of domain names needs to be determined based on planning and funds, and options include new domain names, old domain names, third-level domain names, or wildcard domain names.

  • Site Group Servers:Server configuration depends on the number of websites being built. Generally, choose IDC service providers in Hong Kong or servers in the United States. The choice of operating system can be Windows or Linux based on the website building software.

  • Site Group Software:Use professional software for site group operations to save time and improve efficiency.

Building websites using site group software is simple

1. Installation:Use site group software based on centos7 system, execute the installation command, and choose the installation area and complete the corresponding settings according to the prompts.

2. Website building:Enter the purchased domain name, generate websites in the software, and initialize the article data for each website.

3. Configuration:Configure the collection tasks to allow the program to automatically collect and publish articles every day. By defining keywords, collect relevant article data to ensure that the articles under each column are precise and relevant.

Establishing a complete site group takes no more than 15 minutes, the whole process is simple and efficient. Subsequently, various detailed operation methods of site group can be discussed.