Experience Summary of Website Clustering SEO

1. Selection of Domain Names

The selection of domain names is crucial for building a network of websites. The choice between new domain names and old domain names should be based on the SEO foundation of the old domain name. If the old domain name has been penalized before or has low optimization level, it is recommended to use a new domain name and to do keyword layout and on-site article optimization.

2. Selection of Website Clustering Software

Choosing website clustering software is considered by many to be the most difficult aspect of website clustering. However, no matter how good the website clustering software is, it cannot replace your efforts. Having good website clustering software only increases the chances of website clustering SEO success. The most important factors are still daily efforts and continuous optimization.

3. Selection of Servers for Website Clustering

The high requirements for servers are one of the characteristics of building a network of websites. When selecting servers for website clustering, factors such as after-sales service, stability, and speed should be considered. After-sales service and server stability are crucial, and server speed is also very important.

4. Selection of Servers for Website Clustering

The requirements of server for PBN websites are not as high as regular portal websites, but in order to avoid search engines, it is recommended to distribute the server IPs used for PBN as much as possible. It is advisable to use a small number of American independent servers for maintaining PBNs on enterprise websites.

V. Layout of PBN Websites

There is no fixed answer to the number of PBN websites, but the general principle is the more, the better. Taking a 100-site PBN as an example, it can be grouped into a large PBN with 10 sites in each group, with interconnection within the group, and each group of websites should include seven sites related to the main site, and three sites with freely chosen themes.