Methods and Understanding of Website Clustering

What is a PBN?

A PBN is an SEO technique that monopolizes traffic for specific keywords by using multiple websites linking to each other. When searching for a certain keyword, the top search results are all websites owned by the same person or organization, linked to each other, forming a PBN.

The role of a PBN

The main role of a PBN is to monopolize traffic for specific keywords, keep users on their own website, and profit from it.

How to build a PBN?

1. Identify keywords: Use tools like Baidu Index and Google Trends to understand the search volume of keywords and choose the right keywords for yourself.

2. Build websites: Build websites around selected keywords, paying attention to the importance of internal page traffic.

3. Submit sites and exchange links: Submit sites to search engines and exchange links with other websites to improve indexing rate.

4. Continuous maintenance: Regularly update site content, maintain original articles, and avoid becoming a junk site.

5. External links: Find high-quality external links to assist in ranking improvement.

6. Expand sites: When one site ranks well, establish second and third sites, without neglecting updates to the first site.

7. Implementing site group: Building a site group through subdomains or different domains under the main domain, making users think these are different sites.


Site group is an SEO technique that monopolizes traffic for specific keywords by interlinking multiple websites. Establishing a site group requires choosing keywords, building websites, submitting sites, maintaining and expanding sites continuously, and finally implementing site group operations. The above is the individual's understanding of site group and the production method. If there are any errors, please feel free to correct.