Preparatory work before SEO optimization

Determine Industry and Website Template

Before carrying out SEO optimization, it is necessary to determine the industry to be optimized. Select a suitable website template based on the characteristics of the industry. For example, if optimizing novel keywords, enterprise website templates cannot be used. One approach is to choose portal news website templates or blog templates, as they are simple and highly adaptable, making them suitable for any industry.

Website Construction and Template Adjustment

It is recommended to use Empire website construction, as it has advantages in terms of security and content magnitude. If you have multiple websites, you can first build these websites, adjust the templates, and ensure that each website has independent content to avoid causing cheating by forming a group of websites.

Keyword Mining and Content Collection

After determining the template, start mining keywords. If there are a large number of keywords to be operated, ensure that each site optimizes these keywords. When preparing content, it is necessary to prepare rich articles to avoid duplication of content. Therefore, it may be necessary to prepare more articles to ensure that each website has unique content.

Automatic Publishing and Mid-term Site Maintenance

Once the content collection is complete, the website is set up, the template adjustments are made, and the keyword library is organized, you can use the corresponding software for automatic publishing. During the mid-term website maintenance process, there is no need to focus on these preparatory work again, and you can better concentrate on the strategy and effectiveness of SEO optimization.