Sogou Website Optimization Guide

Build Sogou Station Group Spider Pool

For SEO personnel who build websites, optimizing Sogou Station Group is crucial for the website's inclusion in Sogou search. Building Sogou Station Group Spider Pool and Pan-Resolving Station Group Spider Pool are key steps. Sogou's algorithm pays more attention to website framework structure, title relevance, and article readability. Unlike Baidu, Sogou is not as strict in terms of friendship links, allowing a moderate amount of chain wheel insertion.

Sogou Station Group Optimization Methods

Sogou values old domains greatly, while whether a site with a brand-new domain is included is relatively random. Therefore, it is very important to purchase domains with inclusion or to drive new domains to be included in Sogou through spider pools. Proactive submission is also an important method, where newly generated links can be actively pushed to Sogou daily to speed up inclusion. The number and quality of templates, domain inclusion status, and website content format are all key factors influencing inclusion.

Combination Play of Pan Stations

Sogou station group adopts unlimited inner pages and wide-area combination techniques, combined with its own spider pool, which can greatly improve the effectiveness of the station group. High-quality station group programs are also crucial. In practice, we must constantly experiment, observe the practices of other sites, imitate and gradually surpass them. Only by constantly trying and learning can we achieve better results.