Significance and Steps of Station Grouping

Basic Concepts

The station group is a way for webmasters to promote through the natural laws of search engine optimization, bringing traffic from the search engine side. The station group system is of great significance. The concept of the station group is to unify the management of websites with multiple independent domain names (including subdomains) and link them together. The purpose of the station group is to establish a powerful link resource library, drive up the ranking of website keywords, achieve the ultimate goal of the station group, obtain the maximum traffic from the search engine side, and realize profitability through a good business model.

Preparatory Work

1. Domain Name:
The concept of domain names can be divided into several forms: new domain names, old domain names, third-level domain names, wildcard domain names. Old domain names are preferred because they have the advantage of domain age. Calculate the number of domain names to purchase according to the plan.

2. Station Group Server:
Choose server configuration based on the number of websites established, generally including a server with 254IP, 8-core or 16-core processor, 8GB or 16GB memory, and a 500GB SSD or 1TB SATA hard drive. Choose Windows or Linux as the operating system.

3. Station Group Software:
Choose professional software to operate the site group, which can improve efficiency. Installation, site building, and configuration can be completed through software.

Steps to establish a website

1. Installation:
Execute the installation command on the server and perform related settings. After successful installation, select the region, and the system will automatically install various dependencies and download compilation software.

2. Site Building:
After the software is set up, start building the website, enter the purchased domain name, generate the website, and initialize the article data for each website.

3. Configuration:
Configure collection tasks to let the program automatically collect and publish articles every day. By setting specific column keywords, the program can automatically collect relevant article data based on the keywords.

The establishment process of the site group can be completed in less than 15 minutes and can be expanded to more websites. Subsequent operations include various detailed operation methods and the use of batch tools.