Independent Station High Conversion Homepage Decoration Guide

Traditional Design VS 8P Design

Traditional Homepage Design: The homepage is full of product recommendations, without style, like a wholesale market, not highlighting the brand, customers cannot remember the brand. Recommendation Index: ★★★

8P Homepage Design: Highlight who we are, introduce various endorsements, guide to inner pages, highlight brand stories, enhance differentiation and impression. Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Independent Station 8P Homepage Design

1P: It is recommended to place common links and categories on the navigation, such as Home, Shop, Album, Brand Story, Blog, Terms.

2P: It is recommended to place 2-3 pictures for banner slideshow, such as popular products (scenes, products, people), main promotion activities, brand stories.

3P: It is recommended to display products like new website items, popular items, album lists, etc., not recommending too many products mainly to improve product guidance and inner page diversion.

4P: It is recommended to have evaluation videos, comments, mainly to endorse the brand, and enhance customer recognition.

5P: It is recommended to feature brand stories, introduce who we are, our values, our vision, etc., mainly to make customers remember our brand name.

6P: You can put promotional videos, use scenes, people, products to deepen customers' impression of the product.

7P: It is recommended to add a Blog module to enhance SEO and website content.

8P: Auxiliary content, you can add some functional building blocks.

Other basic module decoration

In addition, the basic modules of the homepage should be improved: Logo, footer copyright, privacy policy, customer service chat tool, setting social media accounts, etc.

Logo, setting social media accounts: Needless to say, everyone understands.

Footer copyright: ©2009-2022 Oemsaas All Rights Reserved or Copyright © 2009-2022 Oemsaas All Rights Reserved.

Privacy policy: 1. Terms of service 2. Privacy policy 3. Shipping policy 4. Return & Refund policy 5. Contact us 6. About us

Customer service chat tool: SAAS website building systems also have free plugins.