Basic Principles of Website Operation

What is a site group

A site group is operated by one person or a team with multiple websites, aiming to gain a large amount of traffic through search engines or links pointing to the same website to improve search engine ranking.

Operation mode of site group

In general, a site group consists of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of websites, and automated updates are achieved through site group software. There are many site group software options on the market, and you can also use open-source CMS systems to run site groups.

Number of websites to establish a site group

The number of websites to establish a site group depends on your cost and operational tools. Ordinary people can operate several thousand or even tens of thousands of websites through site group software systems, depending on whether bulk operation tools are used to operate these websites.

Core operation of site group

The core of a site group lies in treating each website as an independent site. This means that each website has different templates, keywords, content, and requires link building, internal link building, and column distribution operations.