Product Page Optimization Guide

The Importance of Title and Subtitle

In the optimization of product pages, the selection of titles and subtitles is crucial. The title should be concise and clear, containing the brand name, allowing users to easily understand the product content. Avoid using overly long keyword strings. Adding a trademark symbol can enhance the brand's credibility. For example, if the website name is WIKTOK and it sells men's electric shavers, the product name could be WIKTOK™️ Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver.

The subtitle is where users can get secondary important information. In the subtitle, you can display product-related data and features, such as sales numbers, user reviews, and expert recommendations. Additionally, if there are discounts available, they can be displayed, but if the discount amount is small or it's a year-round discount, it is recommended not to take up space in the subtitle.

The Importance of Floating Shopping Cart Button

In mobile page layouts, the floating shopping cart button is a very important element. When users browse product pages, they often need to continuously scroll down to view more product information. When they decide to make a purchase, they have to scroll back up to find the purchase button, which increases the level of difficulty in the operation.

To follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and help simplify the purchase process for customers, the floating shopping cart button can help users place orders at any time. Not only does it serve as a reminder, but it can also significantly reduce user operation time. However, many Shopify templates do not have this feature, so consider changing the template or modifying it yourself to add a floating shopping cart button.

1. Pricing Strategy

Consumers prefer to find truly cost-effective deals, not just cheap ones. Therefore, do not be afraid to price high when setting prices. If the price is set too low or the discount is too exaggerated, consumers may question the product quality. It is recommended to set the average order value between 50-100 USD and set the return on ad spend at around 1.2-1.4, leaving enough room for advertising costs. In addition, setting a higher price will attract a more premium and financially strong audience with ads.

2. Security Icons

In order to make consumers feel safe when providing credit card information on unknown websites, sufficient sense of security must be provided. Every Drop Shipping website must have security indicators, such as various payment logos. Security indicators are usually placed below the purchase or add to cart button, allowing consumers to see them intuitively. Security indicators should also be added to the payment page, preferably with the addition of one's own logo to enhance brand credibility.

3. Guarantee Policy

The guarantee policy of a website is crucial for consumer trust. Common guarantee policies on independent sites can enhance visitor's sense of security, such as refund policies. It is recommended to place the guarantee policy after the security indicators and highlight it, such as enlarging the font, bolding, etc. The content can include order tracking, return and refund policies, shipping policies, and free shipping policies.

4. Order Tracking Information Query

To enhance the credibility of the website, it is recommended to set up a simple 'Track Your Order' page, which can utilize the 17track API. This page can be placed in the website's navigation menu and in the guarantee policy on the product page, making it easy for users to check the order status.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Create a separate FAQ page for each product, different from the site-wide FAQ. The product FAQ should mainly answer specific details and questions about the product. It is recommended to refer to the FAQs and user comments of the top-ranked products to address potential consumer questions.

6. Carefully Crafted Reviews

Display user praise images on the product details page, highlight the selling points of the product with a red frame, and summarize in red. The comments section should be rich, with at least 300-500 comments recommended, with the top 20 comments ideally presented as images. The quality and quantity of comments are crucial for product sales.

7. Comprehensive Policies

Shipping Policy and Refund Policy are indispensable parts of the website. It is recommended to insert bookmarks or links on the product details page, along with the FAQ. These two policies should also be included in the footer.

8. Add a 'Career' Section

Add a 'Career' section in the website's contact column to showcase the company's development and long-standing confidence. This can increase consumer trust in the website, demonstrating the company's stability and integrity.

9. Optimize Website Speed

Website speed is crucial for user experience, especially for websites with many images. Consider optimizing website speed on professional platforms to enhance user experience and performance.

10. Use SMS to recall and recover abandoned orders

SMS recall is an effective marketing method that can help recover potential lost customers. We recommend using SMSBump and other SMS recall apps for high ROI effects.