Pros and Cons of Independent Websites and Tips for Website Design

1. Website Construction

The meaning of an independent site is that the seller opens the website by themselves, achieves ideal sales through the website traffic of their own store, and establishes their own sales channel on the Internet.


The traffic, brand impression, visibility, etc. brought by promotion all belong entirely to your independent site. Not limited by platforms, not competing with peers on the platform.


Difficult to start, high promotion costs, but the longer the time spent, the higher the yield and visibility.

Website Construction:

1. Choose a domain name. Your domain name should be unique, as short and easy to remember as possible. Choosing top-level domain names like .com, .cn, .co, .net are all top-level domain names, but not every top-level domain name is popular.

2. Choose a proprietary website building platform. Platforms like Shopify, Shopyy, etc., are platforms that do not open the source code to sellers.

3. Choose an open-source website building platform. Platforms like Opencart, Zencart, Magento, Ueeshop, etc., are all open-source website building tools.

2. Product Selection

Whether you are doing independent design or choosing to purchase and modify, you can select suitable manufacturers or suppliers on platforms such as, 1688 Cross-border, and AliExpress to obtain some popular and worthwhile products. You can refer to my answer for specific tutorials on how to select sources on Alibaba. This is the quickest and most convenient way, and is also a common purchasing method, suitable for small-scale / novice sellers.

If you have connections, or know manufacturers, you can also contact them directly, but the selection on the platform may not be as extensive. There are also various issues such as packaging, shipping, and warehouse management to consider.

The 1688 Image Search Browser Extension is really useful. Just hover your mouse over a picture and it will immediately help you search for similar items and prices on various platforms, saving time and effort.

Suitable for scenarios where you check competitor sources on platforms like AliExpress and Taobao, and assess sales volume. If the sales volume is high, you can source from 1688/Taobao and sell on AliExpress or other foreign trade platforms. (Sometimes the products on 1688 are more expensive than on Taobao).

The AliPrice Image Search Browser Extension has over 50,000 users on Google, both domestic and international, and is quite trustworthy.

Promotion and Traffic Generation

Advantages of independent station: Sellers have independent pricing power and do not have to worry about price wars with competitors. Disadvantages: Independent stations are more susceptible to lack of traffic. This is because platforms come with a large customer base, so independent stations need to invest heavily in promotion in the early stages. For cross-border e-commerce sellers operating on platforms, customers do not belong to you, they only maintain loyalty to the platform. However, with an independent station, customers find you through your brand, and with successful promotion and good customer experience, you can earn money based on the reputation of the independent station.

Internet celebrity and celebrity effect

Finding celebrities with their own traffic on social platforms to promote products can successfully drive customers to the website. With the development of new media, the cost is relatively low.


You can find advertisers, television stations, internet companies, etc. These channels will also bring a large amount of traffic, but the cost is relatively high.


Search engine optimization is an important promotion method. You can invest in developing keywords for your website, create high-quality external links, and publish articles about your brand or industry. However, this takes a long time and is free.

Fourth, shipping mode

If the previous steps are completed, you can consider shipping. Here are different shipping modes:

First type: domestic self-shipping

You need to have your own warehouse, pricing, packaging, and mailing. You can purchase goods from 1688, send them to a logistics point, fill in the customer's address, and ship the goods. The advantage is that you can promise the delivery time by yourself, but the disadvantage is that the pricing needs to be higher than the platform's pricing.

Second type: dropship

Purchase goods on AliExpress, directly shipped by overseas suppliers, AliExpress will provide packaging and delivery services.

Third type: overseas warehouse

You need an overseas warehouse and stable suppliers. The advantage is that the location of the goods is overseas, increasing sales exposure and raising the selling price of the goods. The disadvantage is that you need to stock up, facing inventory risks and capital costs.

Fourth type: Amazon FBA

Store goods in Amazon's warehouse, Amazon will pick, pack, and deliver the goods to the end customers. You can combine this with shipping from your own Amazon store and charge a service fee.

Fifth type: virtual overseas warehouse

Between domestic and overseas models. After receiving orders, paste foreign address and ship from overseas warehouse. The advantage is that it can control time and logistics costs, without the need to stock and with inventory risk, in line with multi-SKU operating model. The disadvantage is that logistics issues may arise during peak seasons.