The Pros and Cons of Website Clustering

What is a group of websites

The group of websites refers to one person or a team operating multiple websites, with the purpose of gaining a large amount of traffic through search engines, or directing links to the same website to improve search rankings. Therefore, we can understand a group of websites as a collection of websites, or a set of websites, with the scale ranging from a few to tens of thousands. For example, government portal website groups, large-scale corporate website groups, industry website groups, etc.

Pseudo site grouping and regular site grouping

The site group is divided into pseudo site grouping and regular site grouping. Pseudo site grouping refers to the use of domain wildcard resolution function combined with the program's subdomain generation function to create website programs. Pseudo site grouping generates different keyword subdomains or single-page websites with a multi-level domain through domain wildcard resolution, and uses sentence library to randomly generate unique articles, which do not get updated and have a short survival period.

Currently, the wide site group has already passed the Baidu honeymoon period and basically been sidelined. However, if some good templates can be modified, it is still possible to dominate in some industries in the short term. Many times, we often spend a lot of money, but there is no effect. Even if there is an effect, it will not last long. You need to have a certain level of technical expertise to do it well.

Regular site groups have always been the favorite of many webmasters. Such site group investments are large, with a long cycle, but as long as the rankings go up, they are still relatively stable, especially suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprise sites. Because the optimization of general enterprise site content is limited, the weight is low, only 1 to 2 weight. A website can bring in traffic of about 50 a day. Adding a site can generate five inquiries a day. With ten sites, there are fifty inquiries; with 100 sites, 200 sites... once the number of inquiries increases, performance will also increase. This is also an important reason why many enterprise sites choose to operate with site group methods.